A nation sleeps

EDITOR: It was a surreal experience: A moment of silence at a holiday party Friday for the children and others who were fatally shot by a sadly disturbed young man. Minutes later, one of my colleagues said how our drones in the Middle East save soldiers' lives. I just said I thought they were terrible.

I didn't get the ironic juxtaposition. It hit me later, and it refuses to leave my consciousness: I wonder how many Sandy Hook's worth of drone strikes we have perpetrated in others' countries.

Then, I was reminded of the little-known tragedy of our spent uranium ammunition resulting in the births of deformed and critically ill children in Iraq. We are a caring nation; we weep and feel our hearts so heavy for Sandy Hook. But we are also a terribly asleep nation. If not, we would mourn daily the terrible losses in our name, losses in the name of money and oil and politics. I think we are asleep and sick. And I think we need to get better fast. I pray we do.