COURSEY: A clear look at the political horizon

It's amazing how quickly the haze can burn off, bringing formerly obscured vistas into sharp clarity.

What, you don't remember that haze? Well, it was metaphorical, but it was real, and it gave way to clear bright skies this week.

Today, we can see all the way to November.

Political uncertainties are the bane of election-watchers and headline-writers (not to mention pixel-pundits). We like simple story lines, clear choices, eithers and ors.

As of today, we've got all of that. And we've got it on the federal, state and local level.

The big daddy of that trio came today, with the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Health Care Act (hopefully that phrase will enter the general lexicon over the next four months, replacing the derisive "Obamacare"). The high court's ruling draws a clear line of distinction between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

One candidate will give his all to see that tens of millions of Americans who now have no health insurance will become insured, that health insurance cannot be denied to those with pre-existing conditions, that employers provide the opportunity for health insurance coverage to their employees, that subsidies will be available for people who can't afford insurance and that Medicaid will be expanded to cover more low-income people.

And the other candidate will do his best to repeal all that.

You may have a hard time distinguishing the difference between the president's and the GOP nominee's position on improving the economy – they both want it to get better, don't they? But there's no opportunity for confusion on the health care issue; one's fer it, and one's agin' it. And this is an issue that is likely to have a direct impact on you and your family for years to come.

Let the campaign begin.

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