A Rohnert Park man who carried on an affair with his neighbor's wife is facing criminal charges after prosecutors said he pepper-sprayed the husband during a confrontation outside their homes.

Robert Earl Cameron, 40, is charged with three misdemeanors in the early morning incident on Alta Avenue.

Cameron, who had been kicked out of the house he shared with Karina Wilcox, 46, returned May 28 to collect his car and truck, according to preliminary hearing testimony Monday.

Wilcox spotted him outside and phoned neighbor Robert O'Dell, 52, whose wife Tracy, 48, was romantically involved with Cameron, lawyers in the case said.

O'Dell and his adult son stormed out to confront Cameron, who was attempting to fix the deflated tires on his vehicles, according to testimony.

Thinking he was in danger, Cameron produced a pepper spray canister and fired it into Robert O'Dell's face, police said.

He also swung at the men with brass knuckles and a billy club, a prosecutor alleged.

Cameron fled but was arrested minutes later at a Cotati gas station.

Prosecutors charged him with being a felon in possession of pepper spray as well as the other weapons.

After Monday's testimony, Judge Gary Medvigy reduced the charges to misdemeanors, finding the defendant "is somewhat victimized himself."