<b>Not a hero</b>

EDITOR: Bowe Bergdahl is no hero ("POW freed in swap for detainees," Sunday). He went AWOL. He is a deserter. And he got fellow soldiers killed in their attempts to rescue him. The Army should try Bowe Bergdahl in a court martial proceeding for walking off base with intent to protest the so-called War on Terror. He slipped away from his platoon's small outpost in Afghanistan's Paktika province on June 30, 2009 after growing disillusioned with the U.S. military's war effort.

Regardless of any individual's personal views on the war — I, for one, believe that terrorist threats are grossly overstated and that the U.S. should not be the world's robocop — the fact remains that, by all appearances, Bergdahl violated several articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and needs to be punished, not welcomed home as a hero.

Bergdahl is not a hero and is directly responsible for those soldiers killed and wounded in their noble and numerous rescue attempts over the years. Bring accountability to Bergdahl, and let President Baracj Obama know that the military should hold all members to the same standard.