<b>Coal and jobs</b>

EDITOR: China burns five times as much coal as does the United States. Unlike here in the U.S., where the use of coal has been reduced in recent years, the use of coal has been on the increase in China. Also the use of coal scrubbers for power plants is required for U.S. power plants but not in China.

If we really are interested in reducing global warming, we need to stop exporting jobs to China. Increasing government regulations, such as the proposed power plant emission reduction, tax policy that prevents corporation overseas profits being returned and reinvested here, ever-increasing government regulations and employment mandates, such as the increase in the minimum wage, and ligation costs, all serve to drive jobs overseas and add to both our high unemployment and the global green house.

For energy intensive products, such as our steel industry, the additional costs for energy will serve to further reduce our competitiveness (and jobs) from what has already happened because of cheap foreign labor costs.



How to report suspected price gouging in Sonoma County

Email the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office through the website, da.sonoma-county.org, or call 707-565-2311.


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