At last count, 3,936 California car owners have applied for what may become the world's happiest license plate.

The Snoopy plate shows the mascot of the "Peanuts" gang doing the happy dance. Made possible largely by Jeannie Schulz, the plate will go into production once 7,500 people apply for one and pay the fee.

"We'll probably be at 4,000 by Friday," says Mimi Morris of the California Cultural and Historical Endowment. The agency is sponsoring the Snoopy plate, fees from which will generate grants to the state's 1,400 museums.

Anything you'd want to know about it is online at

Morris said efforts to promote the Snoopy plate included the booth that drew a good deal of attention at the recent Sacramento County Fair.

"There were a lot of people who had never heard about it," Morris said. "We got hugged and kissed!"

A CAR FOR WHOM? This is one of our region's most moving acts of kindness.

Kate Jonasse and her K-Tech Automotive shop in Sebastopol are for a third straight year accepting nominations of west county residents who serve the community and could do more with a reliable used car.

K-Tech will give one nominee a red, 2000 Saturn coupe and a one-year service plan.

Letters of nomination are due by July 31 and can be dropped off at the shop on south High Street, mailed or emailed, with "Good Karma" in the subject line, to

The giveaway is one way Jonasse thanks the people of greater Sebastopol. She struggled upon opening her business in recessionary 2009 and now the shop thrives.

"This could not have happened without the community's support and love for what we do," she said.

FLAG DAY is Saturday and Healdsburg will celebrate by raising the Stars and Stripes sent by grateful soldiers in Afghanistan.

The flag flew on Christmas Day over 4th Infantry Division headquarters in Kandahar. Also that day, 500 troops tore into deluxe care packages from Healdsburg SOS, or Supporting our Soldiers.

Founder Mary St. Clair will be on the town Plaza for the raising of the flag at 9 a.m.

At 10, Flag Day will be the backdrop to the dedication of a Blue Star By-Way Marker at Santa Rosa Memorial Park.

The concept of the Blue Star Memorial program, a tribute to all who serve, have served or will serve in the armed forces, was born in 1944 with the planting of 8,000 highway-side dogwood trees by New Jersey's Council of Garden Clubs.

Sponsoring the new Blue Star marker at Franklin Avenue cemetery is the Santa Rosa Garden Club.

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