<b>Anarchy on the right</b>

EDITOR: I have watched the law-and-order motto of the right morph into its opposite, anarchy. First, I heard that states have rights that are triumphant, meaning that segregation should be allowed. Then came the Vietnam War, embraced with "America, love it or leave it." That was considered patriotism by some conservatives.

I'm amazed that it's now patriotic to diminish, demonize and demolish the government. It seems that some conservatives believe that what holds the nation together is the belief that nothing holds us together — everyone is free to choose what laws to follow and which to ignore.

The effrontery of Cliven Bundy and his supporters was a step away from civilization. It seems that anarchy is the direction preferred by those who stood with their weapons and forced down law enforcement in Nevada. The same reasoning was professed by some citizens in Utah who drove their vehicles on prohibited roads through land sacred to Native Americans. The change from supporting government to challenging its right to exist is head-spinning.

The latest challenge, the horrible executions of two police officers and another person in Las Vegas, should serve as a wake-up call to those who prefer a system of laws, not of individuals and their guns.


Santa Rosa