<b>Tenure decision</b>

EDITOR: At first, it appears that David Welch, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur responsible for taking on teacher tenure in California, has a winning cause ("Judge rejects teacher tenure," Wednesday). Who can argue with the idea that bad teachers need to be fired? However, upon reading Welch's statement that the education system is responsible for the uneducated and incarcerated, my boondoggle meter buzzes.

It's a simple argument that's sure to win over many who don't have time to look into the root causes of society's ills. His political activism promises to deliver us from said downfalls plaguing our communities in a rapidly changing world. Intelligent people realize that the most important education of our youth takes place at home, in myriad ways. Those who aren't fortunate enough to live in a nurturing home where life-skills are passed on are faced with a difficult road that even the brightest teachers cannot remediate.

Blaming the education system and teachers is too easy. After this statement, as well as others, I am suspicious of Welch's agenda. From where I am sitting, it looks like another attempt by another millionaire to corporatize education.


Santa Rosa