With pancakes on the griddle and a row of tractors for the kids to climb on, Sunday was a good day to be a dad in Windsor.

On the Windsor Town Green, next to the weekly Sunday Farmer's Market, three-generation family groups were everywhere.

Some clans were starting their day at the Kiwanis Club of Windsor pancake breakfast, which was set up to serve flapjacks, ham and eggs to several hundred people.

Katy Fogel, 26, and her finance, Brent Davis, 29, both of Windsor, each brought their parents to breakfast.

"We're clones of our dads," said Fogel. Her father, Brent Fogel of Santa Rosa, said his plan for the day was to "goof off."

"We pretty much have the same hobbies," said Davis of his own dad. "We go fishing and hunting."

The families gathering at the Windsor Town Green had plans for the rest of the day that ranged from paddling down the Russian River to watching the Giants on TV.

Several groups had started their day before dawn, watching the balloons lift off for the Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Classic at Windsor's Keiser Park.

"We got up at 4 a.m., but it was fun. There were lots of balloons," said Quayd Stewart, 11.

The boy came to breakfast with his grandparents and his parents, Koy and Melissa Stewart of Santa Rosa.

Baseball also was on the agenda for young Quayd's family, but grandpa Mike Carr of Windsor, originally from Southern California, quietly confessed he roots for the Dodgers.

"Our family has divided baseball loyalties," grandmother Michelle Carr joked, "but we've all been coming to breakfast here together for the past six years or so."

At the nearby tractor show, 3-year-old Freddie Gonzalez played happily in the cab of what his father, George Gonzalez of Santa Rosa, called a "mini-excavator."

"It's big!" said Freddie, who was making the most of the moment, even though his first love is fire trucks.

"We'll probably go to several fire stations today," said his father, a firefighter for Cal Fire. "When I come home in uniform, Freddie's always wearing my hat."

In addition to the tractor show, market manager Tina Castelli said another Father's Day tradition at the Windsor Farmers Market is a game called "What the Heck Is It?"

"We bring a bunch of old farm and ranch equipment and put it out a table," she explained. "We give each item a number, and you guess what it is."

Early visitors filed past the odd assortment that included a bee smoker, a hog oiler and a wagon wheel, in puzzled silence.

And what is a hog oiler?

"Hogs don't sweat," Castelli said, "so they have to be oiled."

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