PD Editorial: A progress report on local senators' bills

This year's state legislative session passed the halfway point with a May 30 deadline for Senate bills to clear the Senate and Assembly bills to clear the Assembly.

That's a good opportunity to update the progress of bills sponsored by Sonoma County legislators. Today we'll cover state Sens. Noreen Evans, D-Santa Rosa, and Lois Wolk, D-Davis, with Assembly bills to follow later this week.

Evans' bills include:

; SB 406: Establishes a process by which a party could seek recognition of a tribal court money judgment in California state courts. Pending in Assembly Judiciary Committee.

; SB 599: Expands the oversight role of the state Park and Recreation Commission and requires the commission to meet at least quarterly. Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee in 2013.

; SB 794: Limits defense attorneys to five peremptory challenges during jury selection in criminal cases where the potential penalty is no more than one year in jail. The restrictions would be in effect until Jan. 1, 2017. Pending in Assembly Public Safety Committee.

; SB 996: Requires county welfare departments to verify that specified documents, including birth certificates and Social Security cards, have been provided to foster youth before they turn 18. Awaiting committee assignment in Assembly.

; SB 1003: Increases from 50 to 55 the number of out-of-state thoroughbred horse races per day that can be offered for satellite betting, with state racing board approval, during live race meets. Pending in Assembly Government Organization Committee.

; SB 1017: Establishes an oil and gas severance tax, with revenue earmarked for higher education. Held in Senate Appropriations Committee.

; SB 1040: Extends an existing state law making it illegal to falsely label a wine as produced with grapes from a specified county to cover bottles and electronic format. Pending in Assembly Government Organization Committee.

; SB 1095: Eliminates state designation of Highway 12 as a potential freeway between Farmers Lane and Melita Road. Bill declares state intention to declare as surplus and transfer to the city of Santa Rosa 55 acres of land acquired for the freeway project. Held in Senate Appropriations Committee.

; SB 1193: Reduces storage and sample size requirements for evidence in marijuana cases and requires compensation for marijuana that is destroyed in cases in which charges are dropped or the defendant is acquitted. Pending in Assembly Public Safety Committee.

; SB 1344: Designates the Sonoma Developmental Center as the center of last resort for Northern California and requires the Department of Developmental Services to develop a plan for the center. Held in Senate Appropriations Committee.

; SB 1381: Requires labeling of food containing genetically modified agricultural commodities. Rejected in Senate Appropriations Committee.

; SB 1428: Requires the state Department of Social Services to coordinate with public and private entities, including Sonoma County, on a redevelopment plan before selling, leasing or changing the use of the Sonoma Developmental Center. Held in Senate Appropriations Committee.

; SB 1445: Includes telehealth among the authorized services in treatment plan for people with developmental disabilities. Pending hearing in Assembly Human Services Committee.

Wolk's bill include:

; SB 33: Eliminates voter approval requirement for a city or county to create an infrastructure financing district. Placed in Assembly inactive file.

; SB 170: Exempts grain milled and sold at the Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park from registration and other requirements applicable to retail food facilities. Placed in Assembly inactive file.

; SB 411: Establishes labeling requirements for California olive oil. Pending in Assembly Agriculture Committee.

; SB 614: Addresses residency requirements of irrigation district board members. Pending in Assembly Local Government Committee.

; SB 750: Requires individual water meters in all new multi-family housing and mixed-use developments. Rejected, then granted reconsideration, by Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.

; SB785: Enacts uniform provisions authorizing state Departments of General services and Corrections and local agencies to utilize the design-build procurement process for specified public works projects. Awaiting hearing in Assembly Local Government Committee.

; >SB 848: Would replace the $11.1 billion water bond on the November ballot with a $6.8 billion water bond. Pending in Senate Rules Committee.

; SB 1021: Allows school districts to impose parcel taxes on a square-foot basis and to tax parcels differently based on classification. Pending in Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee.

; SB 1207: Creates an administrative process for charitable organizations and state and local agencies to receive taxpayers' voluntary contributions through the state income tax form. Pending in Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee.

; SB 1239: Requires school districts receiving funding under local control funding formula to employ at least one school nurse. Held in Senate Appropriations Committee.

; SB 1332: Requires the director of the Department of Pesticide Regulation to adopt and enforce regulations that provide for the proper, safe and efficient use of carbon monoxide pest control devices for the protection of public health and safety and the environment. Awaiting committee assignment in the Assembly.

; SB 1357: Requires the Health and Human Services Agency to create a statewide registry for physician orders for life sustaining treatment forms. Held in Senate Appropriations Committee.

; SB 1358: Requires the Building Standards Commission to adopt mandatory standards for installation of diaper changing accommodations in newly constructed or renovated public restrooms. Pending in Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee.

; SB 1406: Allows non-sworn custodial officers to perform additional duties in the Napa County jail. Pending in Assembly Public Safety Committee.

; SB 1410: Appropriates $19 million to reimburse counties in-lieu of property taxes on land used for state wildlife management areas. Held in Senate Appropriations Committee.

; SB 1420: Requires that mandatory urban water management plans account for and report on distribution system water loss. Awaiting hearing in Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.

; SB 1440: Sets fees and charges for nonveteran spouses of state Veterans Home residents at the same level as veterans. Awaiting hearing in Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee.