Sheriff's investigators are awaiting the results of toxicology reports to affirm what they believe was the accidental death of a teen-age girl Sunday.

"It is a suspicious death, but we have to make sure it is an accidental death," said Assistant Sheriff Lorenzo Due?s Tuesday morning.

Deputies believe Takeimi Rao, 14, died in her sleep Sunday morning after drinking soda mixed with vodka.

She and three teenaged friends were having a sleepover at Rao's home, where Rao apparently took a bottle of vodka from the kitchen cupboard to share.

Due?s said it is doubtful there will be any charges against the parents who were at the hillside home north of Santa Rosa.

"Not that we see now," Due?s said of Aleae Pennette, the mother, and stepfather Scott Moyer.

"Everything looks accidental, it looks like they didn't know what was going on, it was teen-agers exploring."

An autopsy was held Monday, but was inconclusive.