A Santa Rosa grocery store chain that was the victim of a $142,000 embezzlement by one of its cashiers is seeking $39,000 from the man to cover investigative costs, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

G&G Supermarkets is asking for the money in the case of former clerk Steven Lau, 57, of Forestville, who pleaded no contest to felony grand theft in the embezzlement that occurred over a three-year period.

Prosecutor Amy Ariyoshi said Lau has repaid all the money he took but the market is seeking additional restitution for expenses it incurred while looking into the theft.

Lau's attorney, Richard Scott, said the amount is excessive.

Judge Robert LaForge postponed Lau's Wednesday sentencing so that both sides could resolve the restitution issue. LaForge said he would not send Lau to prison at the next hearing on Jan. 16, citing his lack of a previous record.

Prosecutors are asking he receive a full year in county jail. Ariyoshi said "he's earned it" based on the amount of money stolen and the planning involved.