Monday's Letters to the Editor

Second-guessing deputies

EDITOR: All armchair quarterbacks have the correct answer the next day, while criticizing someone who had to deal with crisis management.

A 13-year-old shouldn't be walking down the street with a replica assault rifle. If you have a child and he or she plays with toy guns as I did as a boy, be a responsible parent and tell them — don't ask them — to keep the toy down and not to aim it at anyone. If a police officer comes by, put it on the ground.

It would be proper for parents and teachers not to teach that guns are bad. They are not, and everyone has the right to have one.

Children should be taught personal responsibility and consequences of actions. Pedestrians have the right of way, but does that keep you from having to look both ways before crossing the street? No, because a car can still run you over. The same goes for a gun. Please have one; it's a right. But do it responsibly.

I feel sorry for the boy. He should have been taught better. I feel bad for the deputies that had to respond. They didn't go on duty looking to kill anyone. They also have a family to go home to after protecting you the citizen.



Polluting machines

EDITOR: I'm very disappointed that Mayor Ken Brown reversed his position and voted down Sonoma's leaf-blower ban ("Mayor changes vote, kills leaf blower ban," Wednesday) I'm working toward a gas leaf-blower ban in San Jose. A couple of City Council members have expressed measured support for a ban and efforts are ongoing.

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