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Letters of the Day: Two views of filibuster rule

Shameful maneuver

EDITOR: The Senate passing nominations without a vote sounds like a takeover of our government by the Democratic Party ("Senate votes in limits on filibuster," Friday). This is what this administration has been looking to do. Now, President Barack Obama can nominate whomever he wants without approval from the Republicans — a shameful political maneuver.

With 1,183 executive branch nominations, the administration gets what it wants without being blocked by the GOP, fundamentally changing our government as promised, but not in a good way.

Putting liberal judges in our courts will have a profound effect on our laws. This isn't the country that I know anymore. Soon we will have only one branch of government, the executive branch.

This rule change is nothing more than an attempt to obstruct votes in the Senate, resulting in a power grab. The 2014 elections will have a major impact on the Democrats. They will deservedly lose a good number of seats in the Senate.

So how is that change working for everyone? Not great in my book.



Overdue rules change

EDITOR: I am so happy that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrats finally adjusted the filibuster rules so government can start to function once again. The Republican Party has been dedicated to thwarting anything President Barack Obama wants to achieve. This attitude is unpatriotic at best and traitorous in intent at worst. Perhaps this will shake them up to the extent that they might actually try to work with their colleagues across the aisle. Wouldn't that be refreshing?

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