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Lowell Cohn: KNBR host seems a moron

  • FILE - In this Sept. 30, 2013 file photo, Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito (68), center left, and and tackle Jonathan Martin (71), center right, sit on the bench in the second half of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans. About halfway between the start of exhibition games and the Super Bowl, there have been plenty of unwanted story lines. Bullying in the locker room, coaches collapsing, serious injuries to marquee players, the D.C. Council's call on Washington's pro football team to change its name _ examples from the past week alone. (AP Photo/Bill Feig, File)

Damon Bruce. You may have heard of him. Then again maybe you never heard of him.

He has a sports talk show on KNBR's junior varsity station, 1050 AM. I never listen to him because I value my brain cells, but I listened to what he said on Thursday, listened after the fact on a website called Awful Announcing. By now, almost all of America has heard Bruce's woman-bashing, woman-hating diatribe which lasted nearly nine minutes and ruined his reputation, such as it was, forever. The tirade went viral over the Internet.

The context for his attack on women was what happened on the Miami Dolphins between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. At least, I think it was. Bruce's initial point was that Incognito isn't such a bad guy and Martin is kind of a wuss for not punching Incognito. Bruce said all the guys — like me — who defended Martin are "feminized," which I take to mean weak and unmanly.

If Bruce had stopped there, he might have been OK — or maybe not. But he went further, went completely out of context, went on a bizarre woman-bashing rant.

"A lot of sports have lost its way and I'm going to tell you it's because we have women giving us directions."

I'd like to give you more Life According to Bruce, so you get the idea.

"I'm willing to share my sandbox as long as you remember, you're in my sandbox."

He meant the world of sports is for men only, and women fans and women reporters and women athletes enter by invitation only or with the sufferance of men. That sandbox image is so infantile.

More Bruce: "I enjoy many of the women's contributions to sports. Well, that's a lie. (He laughs.) I can't even pretend that's true. There are a very few — small handful — of women who are any good at this at all."

You get the point, right? A moronic rant. Maybe he never got a date for the prom.

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