Damon Bruce. You may have heard of him. Then again maybe you never heard of him.

He has a sports talk show on KNBR's junior varsity station, 1050 AM. I never listen to him because I value my brain cells, but I listened to what he said on Thursday, listened after the fact on a website called Awful Announcing. By now, almost all of America has heard Bruce's woman-bashing, woman-hating diatribe which lasted nearly nine minutes and ruined his reputation, such as it was, forever. The tirade went viral over the Internet.

The context for his attack on women was what happened on the Miami Dolphins between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. At least, I think it was. Bruce's initial point was that Incognito isn't such a bad guy and Martin is kind of a wuss for not punching Incognito. Bruce said all the guys — like me — who defended Martin are "feminized," which I take to mean weak and unmanly.

If Bruce had stopped there, he might have been OK — or maybe not. But he went further, went completely out of context, went on a bizarre woman-bashing rant.

"A lot of sports have lost its way and I'm going to tell you it's because we have women giving us directions."

I'd like to give you more Life According to Bruce, so you get the idea.

"I'm willing to share my sandbox as long as you remember, you're in my sandbox."

He meant the world of sports is for men only, and women fans and women reporters and women athletes enter by invitation only or with the sufferance of men. That sandbox image is so infantile.

More Bruce: "I enjoy many of the women's contributions to sports. Well, that's a lie. (He laughs.) I can't even pretend that's true. There are a very few — small handful — of women who are any good at this at all."

You get the point, right? A moronic rant. Maybe he never got a date for the prom.

I want to raise two points which cast doubt — destroy — Bruce's credibility and perhaps his self-proclaimed manliness.

First Point: Bruce went on air Friday. Question: Why was he allowed to appear the day after going nuts? What is KNBR, "the sports leader," thinking? Anyway, the day after his anti-woman monologue, Bruce brought his mother onto his radio show. This is the he-man who criticized Martin, "You've got to be willing to defend yourself."

At the crisis moment, at the moment Bruce needed to stand up, to defend himself, he ran to mommy. And she dutifully said people's reactions to her son's words were "just totally unfounded. I'm laughing at what people said about you. I know you better."

For all I know, Bruce has Mom on his show all the time, but having her appear on Friday made him look like a timid little boy crying alone in his sandbox, like a wuss. If my mom, Eva, still were alive, I'd ask her for advice and encouragement and support all the time. But I never claimed to be a mountain of a man like Bruce.

Second Point: I'll lead into this with a Bruce quote. I mean, these quotes are priceless. "All of this world of sports, especially the sport of football, has a setting. It's set to men. That's the setting. We're not changing it for you (women). It's a man's world. It's the last place where men will be men. This is guy stuff. It's unfair in the world of men. You learn that early. Sports are set to the dial of men, and I'm not going to allow it to be changed."

He also said, and this quote is key, "I know how professional athletes work and I know how professional sports work."

Does Bruce know how athletes and sports work?

I've never seen him in the 49ers' locker room. Never. I've never seen him in the locker room in Santa Clara and I've never seen him in the locker room after games at Candlestick Park.

But, in fairness, I don't cover the Niners daily in Santa Clara. Maybe he goes there on days I am absent.

I asked my son, Grant, about Bruce. Grant writes the Inside the 49ers blog for The Press Democrat and goes to Santa Clara every day of media availability. He never once saw Bruce in the Santa Clara locker room in the 2? years he has covered the team. Not once.

Maybe Bruce went to Santa Clara and we didn't know about it. But it's safe to say he's not a regular in Santa Clara. I don't believe he's a regular at the Raiders, either. And that leads to the essential question: What does he know about football players and their locker rooms?

I have spent thousands of hours in football locker rooms. I am in those places all the time and I still don't know many things — most things — about what goes on behind the scenes, about the nitty-gritty of NFL culture. And I'm a guy who is there. If I don't know, what does Damon Bruce know?

I'd say he knows almost nothing. I'd say he has no platform to lecture women or men on locker-room culture, or as he put it, "If you like sports, you have to accept a certain amount of Neanderthal being served with it. All of these people who stepped into our world now want to change it with their world's fingerprints."

Our world? His world?

The world of sports is certainly more mine than his, certainly belongs to the top local women writers and editors — Ann Killion, Mindi Bach, Gwen Knapp, Janie McCauley and Nancy Gay — more than it belongs to him. I believe he plays in a sandbox.

Maybe he plays in an alternate sandbox.

On one thing I would agree with Bruce. The sports world has a certain amount of Neanderthal about it. Him.

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