Grant Cohn: Time to mobilize the QB

SANTA CLARA — What would you say Eric Mangini does for the 49ers? They hired him in the offseason to be an offensive consultant, but the offense keeps getting worse.

I asked Jim Harbaugh what the Mangenius does and Harbaugh said, "Several things," and listed none of them. So I assume Mangini does nothing.

Jim, you need a better offensive consultant.

Your passing offense ranks 32nd in yards, 17th in efficiency, 28th in completion percentage, 27th in passing touchdowns per game and 25th in sack rate. You have too much talent on your roster for your offense to rank so low in those critical categories.

Your quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, is the fastest quarterback in the league, he has a Howitzer for an arm and he has exceptional body control to throw on the run. And yet, your offensive brain trust does not take advantage of those attributes.

Why is that, Jim?

Nine out of every 10 pass plays, you have Kaepernick drop straight back in the pocket and stand there like a statue and read the whole field like a veteran, like Tom Brady.

Sunday against the Panthers, you had Kaepernick drop straight back on 29 of the 31 pass plays. So, of course Kaepernick got sacked six times. What did you think would happen against that tough defense? Was it Mangini's idea keep Kaepernick in one spot, a sitting duck? Tell me it was Mangini's idea and not yours.

Why not move Kaepernick — move him more often behind the inside hip of the tackle, or outside the tight end on a sprint or a play-action bootleg or "waggle?" Why not do something, anything?

"That's something in our game plan," Harbaugh said Monday at a press conference, referring to moving the pocket. "You bring up a great point which frustrates everybody involved in the unit, when you're not in the rhythm picking up first downs and being able to get in deeper to your playbook — get into the screen game, get into the movement game, keep things off balance. It's frustrating to us all."

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