So did you spot our Guy Fieri sitting right up front in the audience on "Saturday Night Live," inches from planted guest star William Shatner?

Well, you're right -- it would have been impossible to miss him.

Guy picked up his phone Monday to share with his extended Sonoma County family how he happened to be there and in the good seats.

He said he told his agent recently, "My goal in the next few years is I want to host 'Saturday Night Live.'" It's a serious statement coming from Guy, who was a little known Sonoma County restaurateur when he took on thousands of competitors for the title of The Next Food Network Star 2? years ago and won.

Right now, he's in New York, working on one of his four national TV shows. Anyway, his manager got him a ticket to "Saturday Night Live" so he could scope it out, and a couple of "SNL" sound technicians Guy knows landed him a primo seat at Saturday's season premiere.

There he was, beaming in all his spiky-haired glory, when the camera turned to Shatner in the audience during Olympic superstar Michael Phelps' monologue.

It's been a kick to track the show-biz ascent of Guy Fieri, who credits Sonoma County and his wife and two sons here with his success. One of his current projects is to create a foundation to encourage kids to imagine high, high goals, then give their all to achieve them.

Any guesses to when he'll appear as host of "SNL"?

LIVIN' SMALL: The New York Times ran a nice, big story the other day on the growing popularity of teeny, tiny houses like those designed by Sebastopol's Jay Shafer.

Jay's a pioneer in troll-sized habitation, having lived since 1997 in a house that measures 96 square feet. It's roughly a third the size of the average American kitchen.

The Times story, if you didn't see it, said Jay and other promoters of homes smaller than 1,000 square feet are attracting more attention now that people are ever more mindful of the need to simplify, consume less energy and reduce one's footprint.

Jay, founder of a tiny-home firm called Tumbleweed (www.tumbleweedhouses.com), said the response to the article has him and partner Steve Weissmann racing to answer all the e-mails. Fortunately, Jay can reach his computer keyboard from almost anywhere in the house.

GETAWAYS FOR BOYS: The video crew seen this weekend at some of Sonoma County's top testosterone stations was shooting a pilot for what could be a most manly TV show.

The L.A. crew hopes to find a cable-TV taker for "Mancations," a reality show that would follow groups of men on getaways that include no wives or girlfriends, garden tours, shared salads or froufrou cocktails.

For the pilot, the camera rolled as the guys acted like guys at the Jim Russell racing school at Infineon, Fountaingrove golf club and Graton's Ace-in-the-Hole Pub.

We'll have to watch to see if it occurred to anyone to shoot the fellows kicking tires at one of our Manly car lots.

A LOT OF DOUGH has been baked, and many friends made, since Ric and Sue Kade opened La Vera Pizza in downtown Santa Rosa 25 years ago.

The Kades are doing something every day to mark the anniversary of their family business, and on Wednesday will offer up their 1983 menu at 1983 prices.

The celebration ends Sept. 27 with a drawing to see who holds the ticket that will win a Vespa. Sue and Ric will give proceeds from the ticket sales to Make-A-Wish to honor their son, Gregory, who was 14 and a big cheese at La Vera when he died not long after heart-transplant surgery eight years ago.

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