SAN FRANCISCO — The latest winter storm brought showers, thunderstorms in Northern California and snow in the mountains of Southern California on Sunday.

The National Weather Service reported lightning strikes along the San Mateo and Monterey County coasts, and snow fell in the higher elevations of the Santa Lucia Mountains, a mountain range that runs from Monterey County south to San Luis Obispo.

In Southern California, the storm dropped snow as low as 3,500 feet early Sunday, and a total of 1 to 5 inches of snow fell in the region's mountains. The largest amount — 5 inches — were measured at Pine Cove in Riverside County, the weather service reported.

Snow and icy conditions slowed traffic through the Grapevine section of Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles, but the California Highway Patrol did not close lanes.

Scattered showers had moved out of the region by late Sunday, but forecasters predict gusty winds that could reach up to 45 mph for Monday. A high wind advisory was issued for most of the region.

The state will get a reprieve for a few days before the next storm is expected to arrive Thursday, bringing possible showers and cold temperatures, said Stuart Seto, a National Weather Service specialist.