SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO — Federal safety officials say a pilot initially told passengers not to evacuate an Asiana Airlines flight that crash landed in San Francisco.

The National Transportation Safety Board said Wednesday that people did not begin fleeing the aircraft until 90 seconds later when a fire erupted.

Officials say the delay occurred as the pilot checked with the tower at the airport.

In addition, investigators said three flight attendants were flung from the plane during the landing. All three survived.

They had said Tuesday that two attendants were flung from the aircraft.

Two passengers were killed and many others were injured in the crash on Saturday.

Jeff Civian

Age: 58

Background: civil engineer; current chairman of the Healdsburg Planning Commission; former member of Sonoma County and Windsor planning commissions.


Brigette Mansell

Age: 53

Background: high school English teacher, speech and debate coach; volunteer at the Raven Performing Arts Theater, including acting experience.


Tim Meinken

Age: 61

Background: owns “Gordian Knot,” approximate 1,000-case winery; former pension and benefits consultant.


Eric Ziedrich

Age: 58

Background: owns and operates Healdsburg Lumber Co.; former Healdsburg city councilman and twice appointed mayor; former school board president; former city planning commissioner; founding member Healdsburg District Hospital Board.


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