Residents at the Napa Valley Mobile Home Park on Monday were making do without running water and natural gas service.

Residents used buckets to pull water from the park’s community swimming pool Monday morning so they could carry them back to their homes and flush their toilets.

Patty Harras, 67, and husband Hermman Lehmann, 75, were pulling water from the pool.

Harras said it felt like camping and she wasn’t complaining.

“I’m just fortunate I live in a community that’s so supportive,” she said.

Volunteers from the Salvation Army brought breakfast Monday to the Orchard Avenue mobile home park, home to 350 to 400 people.

Their neighborhood suffered the worst in the quake when a fire broke out, destroying at least four homes and damaging two others.

Park manager Doug Davis said he’d contacted City Hall, urging the city to make the address a priority for getting its water and gas reconnected.

Davis said he was told there were no priorities — although City Manager Mike Parness spoke at a press conference later Monday morning and said larger properties with multiple homes were expected to be first in line for water fixes.

“For me it’s a priority because I’ve got elderly people out here. They need water to shower and to use the toilet,” said Davis, who has lived 30 years at the park with his wife, Pat.

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