Guy Fieri has had his share of criticism over the past few years. Memes have been created, jokes have been tweeted and the internet can’t seem to get enough of making him a controversial figure. But why? That’s exactly what comedian Shane Torres wants to know in his debut stand-up album, Established 1981.

“This may be somewhat of a controversial opinion but can someone please explain to me what the f**k Guy Fieri ever did to anyone?” Torres asked the audience as laughter erupts. “…as far as I can tell all he ever did was follow his dreams.”

Torres then goes on to list some of the good deeds Fieri has accomplished in his career, all the while pausing to chuckle and acknowledge that Fieri’s looks are probably not received well. “And look I get it. I don’t want to hang out with him either ok? I know he looks like a Hot Topic manager moonlighting at a Fridays.”

Some of the good deeds mentioned by Torres include his work with nonprofits, officiating a gay wedding and advertising through Fieri’s Food Network shows. “He started a company where he hires everybody, he pays more than minimum wage, he gives health benefits before he has to, he has a non-profit where he gives pretzel making machines to inter city schools so they can fundraise. I know that one sounds like I made that up buy I swear to Christ its true.”

Listen to the full clip below (note: graphic language used):