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Sunday’s Letters to the Editor

Gold lawns

EDITOR: Green grass is gone for now. But you know, you can still mow and maintain the new “gold” lawn. I appreciate and respect the dry lawns. But some people are so lazy that they will not keep their gold looking good. What I am seeing are two-foot-high weeds on those gold lawns. If the new green is gold, I am seeing nothing more than neighborhood fire hazards.


Rohnert Park

History, not politics

EDITOR: In response to Ed Gregoire (“ISIS threat,” Letters, Friday), in this era of extreme party politics, how quickly we can vilify any response any politician makes or fails to make. In reading the letter, the threat ISIS poses is tame compared to the atrocities committed by the Nazi Party. Really? Perhaps this is the start of new rhetoric to warn us of the pending Islamic domino theory. Which has failed to convert the world to Islam for the past how many centuries?

ISIS wasn’t unknown to us. We have been urging the Iraqi government to change its policies and address this over the past year. Iraq did not, which has allowed this threat to rapidly gain headway and roll out of Syria into Iraq to establish its new caliphate.

Let history, not partisan politics, decide whether the president’s foreign policy, or golf game, is failing us as a nation. Frankly, I like the idea of a radical terrorist organization setting up a state with defined geographical boundaries. It may make a well thought out coalition response that much more easily defined.



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