A Santa Rosa man on his way to the Sonoma County Jail to bail out a suspected drunken driver made it to the jail but not the way he’d planned — he arrived in the back of a patrol car, suspected of drunken driving, the CHP said Monday.

The officers who stopped Christopher McFarlane, 28, knew who he was. They’d arrested the friend McFarlane wanted to bail out and let a drunken McFarlane — a passenger in the car — walk home, CHP Officer Jon Sloat said in a release.

The officers had pulled over a car on Highway 101 near Steele Lane at about 1:20 a.m. Saturday after seeing the car weaving badly on the highway, Sloat said.

They arrested the 23-year-old Santa Rosa woman who was driving and found that her passenger, McFarlane, wasn’t sober and couldn’t legally drive. He told the officers he could walk to the woman’s nearby home and they let him, warning him not to drive for hours, according to Sloat.

They then booked the woman into the jail. But as they left the jail and were getting back onto the highway, they noticed a nearby car being driven by McFarlane, Sloat said.

They pulled him over near College Avenue. The man failed sobriety tests and was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, as well as driving with a suspended license and violating his probation. McFarlane was on probation stemming from his conviction last year for drunken driving, Sloat said.