Two Antioch women were arrested on suspicion of stealing alcohol from a Sonoma grocery store on two separate days, Sonoma police said Saturday.

The arrests came a day after managers at the Sonoma Market on West Napa Street determined that a “large amount” of wine and liquor was missing from the store’s shelves and launched their own investigation, Chief Bret Sackett said in a press release.

On Wednesday, security personnel at the store reviewed video from the previous few days to determine what had happened to the liquor, he said.

Video showed that three women had entered the store Monday, gone directly to the liquor aisle, placed bottles in their bags or purses and walked out without paying for nearly $900 worth of alcohol, Sackett said.

Police were notified. On Thursday, store security called police after spotting two of the women from the previous theft enter the store, accompanied by two men. Security saw one woman remove alcohol from the shelf, put it in her bag and leave the store, Sackett said.

Confronted by security, the woman fled and was apprehended by a deputy responding to the store’s call, Sackett said. The other woman and the two men were detained near their car outside the store.

The market’s video confirmed that one of women was involved in the previous theft and was carrying the same bag used in that theft, Sackett said.

Marie Ann Cannon, 39, was arrested on suspicion of theft. Barbara Jackson, 47, was arrested on suspicion of possessing drug paraphernalia and misuse of a disabled placard. The two men were released.

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