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To craft what some say is a more democratic election system for City Council seats, Santa Rosa has begun drawing voting districts. It needs residents’ input.
Officials are trying to make sure all properties burned in the October wildfires are cleaned up by early April, regardless of who is performing the work.
After deadlocking in December, the City Council is on track to approve a rezoning that could bring 237 new townhomes into the fire-prone area.
A Santa Rosa contractor providing a free place for employees to live while they clean up wildfire debris is in a showdown with the city. The dispute could force him to evict the workers from his Coffey Park property.
Santa Rosa’s Kevin Jorgeson, who climbed Yosemite’s Dawn Wall in 2015, is launching a new gym on South A Street that would directly compete with Vertex, which also has plans for a new space.
A complaint put Mark Setterland, the city official with the most knowledge of building codes and permitting rules, on administrative leave for over three months.
The unseasonably warm weather broke a record that stood in Healdsburg since 1906. Across the Bay Area, nine records fell.
Benzene has been discovered in the drinking water near burned Fountaingrove homes, but the source of the contamination is eluding investigators.
Jerry Cox founded a Santa Rosa parish that remains a hub for Latino worshipers and continued a life of social service after he left the priesthood.
Fears of not being able to pay its share of fire recovery costs have made the council hesitant to expand new services to the homeless.
Santa Rosa extended its pay-to-park time by two hours in downtown a few weeks ago, but violations suggest many people may have failed to notice the change.
In a bid to craft a fairer electoral system, City Council members could soon be elected from geographic districts.
The city is on track to burn through nearly $18 million in savings this year, potentially leaving it unable to pay its share of the cost of removing debris from the fires.
Cash-strapped Santa Rosa officially welcomes Roseland into the city Saturday with a belated party.
The loss of 5 percent of the city’s housing stock has clouded the city’s budget picture, while post-fire spending jeopardizes other big projects.
One of the city’s longest running public works projects, more than a year behind schedule, has been dealt another setback due to a design error.
A South Bay developer has backed out of $5.75 million deal, a major blow to hopes for a 321-unit downtown housing project.
Residents weighed in on their priorities, but the city’s budget is likely to confront sharp limits after October’s wildfires.
State regulators have released previously withheld details in reports filed by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. revealing the location of damaged transmission equipment found near the ignition points of the October wildfires.
Recology begins its Santa Rosa garbage service with new bins, new trucks and new rates. Here's everything you need to know.
Our lives were upended and our region will never be the same following the October wildfires, but 2017 brought many milestones. See what made our list of the top 10 news stories of 2017 in Sonoma County.
Nature lover Sally Lewis settled on the former Napa County hot springs resort her great-grandfather developed in the 1870s.
The Codding family’s buyout of Simon Properties is prompting a reorganization of its Sonoma County-based business.
A plan to protect Santa Rosa renters from unjust evictions has been held up after three members of the council acknowledged being landlords.
Santa Rosa businesses and residents soon will be able to grow, buy, sell and smoke marijuana in the city.