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Some people faced with rebuilding their homes after October’s wildfires are designing homes that more closely reflect their personal values and the changing needs of their families. Take a look.
Life is short, and the new thinking is that gardeners will be happier with what they grow if they focus only on crops they actually love to eat.
After 25 years, Gary Rasche’s outdoor display has grown into a magical Christmas forest that draws hundreds of people to his Montecito Heights home every night in December.
Ceramicist Suki Diamond’s plates, butter dishes, birdbaths, lamps and more are functional as well as fun. Check them out during the Art at the Source June 2-3 and 9-10.
The whistleblower will make appearances in Sonoma and Petaluma this week to talk about his new book and why people should be 'much more worried than they are' about the prospects of nuclear war.
Where to find the best garden tours this summer.
Bring the family for shows, movies, park activities and more this summer.
From art exhibits to studio tours, find your artistic inspiration with these summertime happenings.
Front-yard gardens have changed from tightly manicured to eco-friendly and useful. Get inspired by these upcoming garden tours.
May 10 is Bay Area Bike to Work Day. Local doctor and longtime bike commuter Tracey Jones shares her tips for a work-route workout which she’s been doing for nearly 20 years.
The man was two days into a four-day sentence when he escaped Saturday night.
Eleven parks, nature preserves and interpretive centers in Sonoma County welcomed kids with activities just for them during the annual Day of the Child/Dia del Niño on Sunday.
Honeysuckle, jasmine and gardenia are among the plants that will lend fragrance to your garden.
Colorful spring flowers at local farms are making a vibrant statement around Sonoma County, and are perfect for bringing spring indoors.
What happens when one person’s parents forbid a relationship? Well, that depends.
Brad Villegiante and Caroline Hall apply paint, fresh new furnishings and designer touches to their 1905 Queen Anne. They are marketing the light-filled home where they live as an occasional location for commercial photo shoots.
'How a Mountain was Made' is a fanciful series of tales of anthropomorphic animals, birds, insects and elements, who inhabit Sonoma Mountain and whose exploits, lessons and fates together tell the story of the mountain.
When 35-year-old Chris Hamilton was killed in a car accident, his family decided to return to a grieving practice that was once commonplace in America, but now requires a bit of paperwork and know-how.
The Sebastopol Seed Library offers barley, amaranth, quinoa and heritage wheats as well as seed for more common garden food crops.
The Parent Hospital Association, formed by staunch advocates for the rights and care of SDC residents, held its last meeting at the state site, which is set to close at the end of the year.
Robin Stockwell discovered succulents before they were cool, becoming one of the West Coast’s biggest growers.
Poet Rachel Rose traveled from Canada to Sonoma County to Paris in pursuit of K-9 cops and their handlers. Here's what she found out about those very special relationships.
A new neighborhood tucked in to Petaluma’s west side aims to foster community. Outside, the homes resemble old farm buildings. Inside, they are models of modern design and energy efficiency. Take a look.
After preserving the former owner’s Japanese interior, a Sea Ranch homeowner determines to finally make it her own.
Grafting or pre-grafted trees can let you grow multiple varieties of produce at the same time.