Whether you call them Millennials, Gen Y, the Me Generation or even the Peter Pan generation, there’s no denying the vast differences between those born between 1980 and 2000, and the generations that precede them.

Some members of the older generation are impressed by Millennials' ability to learn new digital skills and programs in a short amount of time. Others are bothered by this generation's apparent need for instant gratification and recognition, and their tendency to always be attached to their devices.

One thing all generations have in common, however, is how much they can learn from the generations before them. Members of the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations offered up some sage advice for the younger generation, such as:

“Don't settle for anything that's not your heart’s desire: job, education or life partner.”

“Hold off on student debt and just work your way up.”

“Say yes to opportunities even if they seem scary. Step out of your comfort zone.”

Click through the gallery above for more advice from the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations directed to Millennials. Have advice that wasn't shared? Be sure to leave it in the comments.

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