IRVINE — Taco Bell plans to go nationwide this month with its latest concoction: a taco with a shell made entirely out of fried chicken.

Taco Bell says the shell of the Naked Chicken Chalupa is made up of all-white seasoned chicken. The rest of the taco is packed with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and avocado ranch sauce.

The fast food chain says the taco tested well in markets in Bakersfield, California, and Kansas City, Missouri, over the past two years.

It will be available at Taco Bells across the country on Jan. 26.

Tips for Good Design

Proportion: Think of your tree as a progression in scale, with smaller and lighter ornaments at the top and getting progressively larger as you move down toward the fuller bottom of the tree. This is more pleasing to the eye as it places all the same sized ornaments throughout the tree.

Color: Along with a theme, you may decide on a color scheme. If you choose to do your tree in one or two colors, incorporate different shades. This will result in a richer look, like a woven carpet.

Less is More: Don’t feel like you have to cover up every branch with lights and ornaments to bedazzle.

Under Tree Dressing: Carrie Brown says you can skip the old-fashioned tree skirt. Find beautiful complementary fabrics to drape around. It could be a piece of fabric you purchased or an old scarf or shawl of silk or cashmere from your closet. You don’t have to finish the fabric. Just tuck the edges under.