Anyone who exercises before dawn or after the sun sets understands the importance of being visible to cars and trucks. That’s why reflective gear has become so popular in recent years to runners, walkers, bicyclists, skateboarders and others who put on miles in the dark.

Reflective gear is particularly noticeable when it moves, which makes Road ID’s High Visibility Reflective Wrist and Ankle bands — in motion with each step or pedal you take — a good choice (you’ll be seen by motorists from more than 700 feet away). Made from sturdy, neon-yellow, military-grade elastic, the bands have a wraparound super-bright 3M Scotchlite reflective silver stripe that offers 360 degree visibility.

The straps can be attached to backpacks, used as bicycle pant-leg clips or even wrapped around your upper arm.

Road ID’s wrist and ankle bands can be worn in all weather conditions and are cleaned with simple hand-washing in mild detergent. One size fits all, as Velcro straps wrap securely around ankle or wrist. $9.99 per wrist or ankle pair. Visit for information.