Knowing how to tie a variety of knots is helpful — and sometimes essential — for most outdoor activities.

Knots allow you to secure a horse to a post, hang a lantern from a branch, tie up a bundle of wood, lash a canoe to an onshore rock or fasten a handmade fly fishing lure to a line.

There are even times when a well-tied knot can save lives out in the wild. For example, when lashing a survival shelter or raft together with a clove hitch, or throwing a bowline to haul someone struggling in the water.

The best way to learn the art of knot-tying is to simply start tying knots. The Pro-Knot Knot Tying Kit gives you everything you need to become an expert knot-tyer: Six durable, waterproof and illustrated cards — joined together by a brass grommet in one corner — show you how to tie 20 important knots. You’ll practice on two high-quality cords and a carabiner.

The kit costs $9.95.

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