Are you suffering from an RWH, aka Red Wine Headache?

Some people who suffer from migraines steer clear of red wine. Countless studies have been done, and some point to the tannins in red wine, but nothing appears to be conclusive. Whether you’re a believer, superstitious or you simply want to side step the entire debate, here’s a short list of white wines that will safeguard you from any aches between those sacred temples of yours.

Pieropan, 2016 Soave Classico, Italy,12%, $20. A pretty white with stone fruit –– white peach and nectarine. Silky texture. Bright acidity. Great minerality. Lovely.

DeLittle Cellars, 2016 Chateau Estate Blanc Columbia Valley White Wine, 14.1%, $39. An elegant blend of sauvignon blanc and semillon. Grassy with notes of mineral and grapefruit. Supple texture. Crisp acid. White peach finish.

Husch, 2016 Mendocino Chenin Blanc, 13.2%, $13. This is a gorgeous chenin blanc with high-toned citrus notes, peach and lime. But what makes it a lush standout is its kiss of honeysuckle. Bright acid. Crisp finish.

Lang & Reed, 2016 Mendocino Chenin Blanc, 13.5%, $27. This is a pretty chenin blanc –– bright, crisp and subtle. Floral aromas and tangy fruit. Nice length. Spot on.

J Cuvee 20 Brut 12.5%, $37. A bright and lively brut with appealing notes of brioche, pear and lime. Great minerality. Pretty.

Succulent-Topped Pumpkin

1 flat-topped pumpkin with a stem that has no soft spots or cuts in it

— Sanitizing wipes

— Spray adhesive craft glue and a face mask

— Sphagnum Moss (aka Green Moss)

— A Lazy Susan

— A mini warm glue gun and vinyl gloves

A chop stick to press the cuttings into place without burning your fingers

— An assortment of succulent cuttings with a variety of colors, shapes and textures including 3 large rosette-type thrillers for a large pumpkin, some branching fillers and trailing spillers.

— Tiny pine cones, fir cones, seed pots, etc. for embellishments.

— A trivet

Cut the stem of the pumpkin down to about half an inch.

Clean the pumpkin with sanitizing wipes or a 10% bleach solution on a damp rag.

When the pumpkin is dry put on the face mask and spray the top of the pumpkin with the spray craft adhesive.

Once the glue is tacky press a ½-inch pancake of green moss firmly onto the pumpkin.

Put the pumpkin on the Lazy Susan and pick out some large cuttings for the focal point.

Leaving a ½-inch stem, apply hot glue to the succulent and attach it firmly to the moss with your chopstick, holding for 3 seconds. If using 1 thriller, place it slightly off center.

Build around your thriller(s), packing the plant material in tightly to prop the larger cutting and to keep the glue from showing as the succulents become less plump as time goes by.

Add acorns, nuts, etc. as desired.

Place in a shaded cool indoor location or in a sheltered outdoor location. Place on a trivet for good air circulation beneath the pumpkin to prevent rotting.

Mist with a spray bottle and set outside occasionally in fresh air to preserve the succulents.

Handle with care, as this is a long-lasting but fragile arrangement.

When you are done with your arrangement plant your succulent cuttings and compost your pumpkin.