10 things that surprised me the most when I moved to Sebastopol from the Midwest

Hippies, farmers and hippie-farmers: Sonoma County is deeply rooted in agriculture. As hippies strayed north from the city, they adapted to the rural landscape and farmer culture. So, too, did local farm folks eventually accept their new neighbors. Now, the variations on hippie, farmer and hippie-farmer have blurred and blended into an interesting local fabric. Pickup trucks from the 1950s, lovingly restored, cruise next to Toyota trucks plastered with Bernie bumper stickers. Somehow, it all works together. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat)


California always seemed more an idea to me than a place. Born in southern Illinois, I’ve lived most of my life in the particular rhythms of the Midwest. Baking heat and cicadas buzzing in summer, deep chills and an eerie stillness in winter. I moved to Chicago, the Second City, for a job at the city’s number two newspaper. That’s where I met Molly, an irresistible being from a place called Sebastopol. Wait, is that Russian?

At the time, I knew Sonoma County mostly as a brand of cheap leather dress shoes. But hearing a west county native talk about the beauty and culture of her home was intriguing. I visited briefly in fall of 2016, then again last summer. I was blown away. A few weeks after the October wildfires, we drove across the country from Maine to start making a life on the other coast.

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