Saturday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Proving Brooks' point</b>

EDITOR: Columnist David Brooks said "income inequality" was the wrong term to use if we wanted to solve the problem of inadequate income and opportunity ("Income inequality debate muddies issue," Sunday). He said that term would simply polarize people and avert attention from solving the difficult issues that were the root cause of the many difficult problems involved in so many people remaining underfunded. John Garn ("The deserving rich," Letters, Tuesday) certainly proved his point.



<b>Gang of Three</b>

EDITOR: "It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it" -#8212; Aung San Suu Kyi, 2006.

Three Sonoma county supervisors ( Susan Gorin, Shirlee Zane and Mike McGuire ) voted to require project labor agreements on public construction projects worth more than $10 million. This desperate act will do more damage to the North Bay economy than any recession or natural disaster could ever do.

These individuals have proven their ignorance of prevailing wage laws and the local workforce. They have proven their allegiance to the dark force of union money and influence. They do not care for the non-union worker. Never have so few gained so much at the expense of so many working people.

Unions are now in complete control of the fortunes of our once-shared future. Common sense, efficiency, merit and innovation are all enemies of the union collective.

This Gang of Three has erected a wall that will divide union workers from the majority of union-free workers who once worked side by side, sharing prosperity. This is now lost.

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