Rancho Feeding recall expands across U.S.

Among the retailers alerting consumers of the recalled Hot Pockets was Walmart. The nation's largest retailer also posted another Rancho-related recall, namely for frozen hamburger patties.

The hamburger patties, produced by Jensen Meat Company of San Diego, were distributed to Walmart stores in 16 states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.

Jensen said it has ceased all business with Rancho.

"In the 56-year history of Jensen Meat Company, we have never experienced or been involved in initiating any type of product recall," Jensen chief operating officer Abel Olivera said in a statement. "We hold quality and food safety as paramount to everything that we do at Jensen and we expect the same from our vendors. We will not deviate from this commitment."

A third manufacturer, Tillamook Country Smoker of Bay City, Ore., acknowledged in a press release Tuesday that it was recalling some products made prior to October 2013. The products note the inclusion of "ground, formed or sectioned and formed" meat, as well as "some jerky chew" products.

The company didn't mention specific items, but the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's website listed product codes for two Tillamook Country Smoker products: 75-count packages of the Teriyaki Beef Jerky and 80-count packages of Loonies Beef Jerky.

"Crown Star Food Distributors Ltd. and Wallace & Carey Ltd., are recalling various Tillamook Country Smoker brand beef jerky products from the marketplace because they are believed to pose a risk," according to a statement on the website. "Consumers should not consume the recalled products described below."

The products were distributed in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan, the website said.