Monday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Risking accidents</b>

EDITOR: Yet again I witnessed a near collision at the corner of Fulton and Guerneville roads. The island by the traffic light is frequently occupied by a panhandler. The signal turned green and two cars proceeded through while the third one stopped to give money to the panhandler, nearly causing a chain-reaction of collisions behind her. Those of us who travel this road have seen this many times. Another place this often occurs is the Highway 101 ramp at Guerneville Road.

First, handing money to panhandlers just makes it certain that they will be there again. Better to give the money to one of the agencies that provide services for our citizens who are on the street. Second, if you feel strongly that you must help this person, park your car, buy them some food and give it to them. Don't stop your car in moving traffic to hand a dollar out the window.

Many of the intersections in San Francisco that used to have panhandlers now have posted signs prohibiting this behavior for reasons of safety and traffic flow. There are a number of intersections in Santa Rosa that are similarly affected. It is nothing but an accident waiting to happen.


Santa Rosa

<b>RP's inequitable plan</b>

EDITOR: There is a plan by the city of Rohnert Park to transfer five houses, all located in the B section, to the Sonoma County Community Development Department for use as homeless shelters. Nobody on the Rohnert Park City Council lives in the B section. Nobody on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors or the Sonoma County Community Development Commission lives in Rohnert Park.

Homeless shelters are never located near the politicians and bureaucrats who decide where to put them, or anyone who matters to them.

The B section already is host to the only homeless shelter in Rohnert Park. If this plan is actualized there will be six homeless shelters in the B section and none anywhere else in Rohnert Park. This says all that needs to be said about what the politicians and bureaucrats think of B section homeowners.

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