<b>Lopez investigation</b>

EDITOR: Before retiring, I was assistant district attorney of Napa County and reviewed a number of officer-involved shootings. These cases involve serious issues that shouldn't be treated in a cursory manner for expediency sake. The Andy Lopez case is a tragedy for all concerned. It's critical that justice be served. Sonoma County Jill Ravitch's review must be detailed, meticulous, leaving no stone unturned.

Jonathan Melrod and Mary Moore ("Lopez case raises questions about D.A.," Close to Home, Thursday) clearly have an agenda. Two of their claims aren't based in reality: The district attorney has the power to impose policy changes upon outside police agencies, and Ravitch recused herself in the Efren Carrillo case, so she should recuse herself here. Reality: No district attorney has the power to make policies for outside police agencies. Additionally, she had a conflict in the Carrillo case because the Board of Supervisors controls her budget. When a district attorney believes there's a conflict, the attorney general doesn't automatically take the case. They make their own determination.

Finally, I know Jill Ravitch. She is diligent, smart, fair and courageous in her decisions. I think people who have already decided what she should do, like Melrod and Moore, should wait and see. Let her do her job. Regardless, Ravitch will arrive at a just decision. Those who haven't jumped to conclusions will certainly agree.


St. Helena