<b>Net neutrality</b>

EDITOR: Thanks to Press Democrat Digital Director Greg Retsinas ("Should only some web traffic get to take the fast lane," Close to Home, Tuesday) for bringing the public's attention pay-to-play rule changes being considered by the Federal Communications Commission. On May 15, the FCC will once again propose rules that on the surface appear to keep the Internet accessible to all users when, in fact, it favors the large providers, i.e. Verizon, AT&T, Comcast.

Since as far back as 2007, a grass-roots effort has been fighting large corporations to keep the Internet open, democratic and accessible to all users. Thus far, the will of the people has prevailed, and the grass-roots effort is still alive and pressuring legislators and the FCC.

I urge Internet users who value innovation and open access to join the effort. We can do that by learning more and taking action at such websites as www.freepress.org and www.savetheinternet.com.


Santa Rosa

<b>Fracking and warming</b>

EDITOR: Bjorn Lomborg, author of "The Skeptical Environmentalist," is a believer in anthropogenic global warming. However, he recently said that all global wind and solar, which costs taxpayers about $60 billion annually, does not save as much carbon dioxide from going into the atmosphere as fracking in just the United States. Instead of costing taxpayers, fracking increases U.S. gross domestic product $100 billion a year. No wonder U.S. environmentalists hate fracking: It makes sense.



<b>Conservative silence</b>

EDITOR: Hooray for Mike Hawkins ("Partisan attacks," Letters, April 25). Why is it that liberals are always espousing their opinions and conservatives are quiet? We, as conservatives, better begin speaking out as life as we know it is changing before our eyes, and not for the good.

This country was founded on entrepreneurship from working hard and getting ahead. Unfortunately, the new norm is unemployment above 6 percent and sitting back and letting the government take care of us by giving food stamps, unemployment, disability and health care freely.

Yes, some people need a safety net, and I agree with that. However, it's becoming a way of life. We are headed for socialized medicine and, believe me, as a registered nurse I have firsthand knowledge of problems in countries that have this type of coverage.

One of the reasons Fox News is such a threat to liberals is because it has the highest ratings of any cable stations. Maybe there is a reason. Hopefully this letter will give some people food for thought.



<b>Carrillo's critics</b>

EDITOR: Supervisor Shirlee Zane's ongoing denunciation of Supervisor Efren Carrillo flies in the face of her seminary training and background as a Christian chaplain. Apparently she missed the element in her education that had to do with compassion, empathy and forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Santa Rosa City Councilman Gary Wysocky claims elected officials need to be held to a "higher standard." This would be the same Wysocky who was the subject of an investigation, details yet to be revealed, because of yelling at and creating a hostile work environment for Santa Rosa City Attorney Caroline Fowler. Apparently Wysocky likes to yell at women in the workplace. What standard is he upholding?

These people are hypocrites.

As a 5th District resident, I have supported and will continue to support Carrillo. I believe in rehabilitation and redemption. Apparently Zane and Wysocky do not.