CVS lawsuit

EDITOR: We now know what the increased taxes in Sebastopol will go toward — not a police officer, fixing streets or promoting health and safety. Rather, City Council members embraced a lawsuit that will cost our community much needed resources ("Sebastopol sued over ban on drive-thrus," Tuesday). But maybe this is the council's plan for attracting more visitors and improving Sebastopol's economic vitality.

Election rhetoric implied that 90 percent of citizens were against CVS and voters overwhelmingly supported Robert Jacob and John Eder to stop it. Election results show Jacob and Eder received 4,327 votes while 3,689 votes did not support them. That means that 46 percent of Sebastopol citizens weren't against the CVS project. Perhaps council members should look at that number and reconsider their biases.

People were not informed that election threats to stop CVS were going to cost the citizens of Sebastopol. Council members Sarah Gurney and Michael Kyes went door-to-door asking for voter support to raise the sales tax; now they can go back and ask for $100,000 to pay for the their "No on CVS" dream. Jacob and Eder raised $44,000 for their "No on CVS" campaigns; now they can ask their constituents for money to help "keep the charm of Sebastopol."



Glorifying violence

EDITOR: I was disappointed but not surprised that Saturday's editorial ("Reasonable steps to limit gunfire deaths") made no mention of the role that the press, both electronic and print, plays in these violent episodes. It seems plain to me that one obvious motive of these killers is to get their "15 minutes of fame," and the media continues to supply that in enormous magnitude.

Each time that one of these hideous killings takes place every branch of the press publicizes the event, the name of the perpetrator, the descriptions of the weapons used, the number of victims and on and on. Even the funerals are given front-page treatment as well as the obligatory video of the tearful, mourning parents, spouses and anyone a reporter can find grieving.

Enough is enough. These killings would be significantly less attractive to the deranged losers who are always found to be the killers if they were treated with the quiet dignity that such losses deserve. Yes, get to work banning every firearm possible, but please stop making these terrible incidents month long glory fests for weapons and violence.



News blackout

EDITOR: On Dec. 24, a breaking story informed us that a national civil rights group had, through the Freedom of Information Act, found evidence that the FBI had been monitoring and infiltrating the Occupy movement from its beginning in 2011. While that act itself was no surprise to most activists, the fact that it had only taken a year to expose it was.

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund managed to do what used to take decades by uncovering our government spying on non-violent activists without their knowledge.

With an active local Occupy movement, many of your readers would be interested in this. Yet in the week after that story broke, there was no word about it in our now locally owned paper. After waiting a week, I thought that perhaps by Sunday there would be something. But, alas, there was not a word about the FBI snooping on its citizens, but you found room for a huge article about infighting in the Amish community. Is there a reason for this omission?

I'm not saying that the new local ownership of this paper is responsible, but I sure would like to know who is.


Camp Meeker

Hurricane relief

EDITOR: So Congress passed the temporary repair bill so we didn't go over the "fiscal cliff." Good. Now take care of the victims of hurricane Sandy. The hurricane happened Oct. 29-30; we are now 60 days out. The Senate has passed a relief bill, and the House hasn't. The people's House of Representatives continues to do nothing. It's time for Speaker John Boehner do his job and pass the Sandy relief bill.



Arming teachers

EDITOR: Dig last Friday's paper from the recycling and look at the picture on Page A3 ("Effort to arm teachers"). This teacher with the best intentions wants to protect her students with a gun? Many outcomes flash through my mind when I study this picture. None of them are good. This picture was taken in Utah. Here in Sonoma County, I am sure that nowhere will anyone even consider such a plan to make sure that our children are safe at school.