A report of a woman driving erratically in Rohnert Park Sunday night and pointing her finger at vehicles as if she were shooting a gun resulted in the arrest of a 43-year-old Rohnert Park resident, police said Monday.

Not sure if she were armed, officers confronted Selena Markovich at gunpoint at her Enterprise Drive apartment complex Sunday night.

Markovich wouldn't follow their orders, officials said, and she was arrested on suspicion of obstructing officers.

She also appeared to be drunk and a test showed her blood-alcohol level was .17 percent, more than twice the legal limit of .08 percent.

Markovich was also arrested for violating her probation and suspicion of drunken driving.

The 8 p.m. 911 caller reported a strange scene. They told dispatchers a woman in a blue Nissan was getting out of her moving car while pretending she had a gun and was "shooting" at passing cars on the Rohnert Park Expressway.

Witnesses also told officers she'd been speeding, running stop signs and red lights, officials said.

The car's license plate number led officers to the woman's residence.

Rohnert Park police officials were grateful for the 911 call and witness information, saying the citizens most likely helped keep a car crash and injuries from occurring.

Know Your Rights

California law prohibits lawyers or others acting on behalf of a lawyer from:

— Soliciting clients at an accident scene, at a hospital, or on the way to a hospital.

— Soliciting clients who, due to their physical, emotional or mental state, may not be able to have reasonable judgment about the hiring of an attorney .

— Seeking clients by mail unless the letter and envelope are clearly labeled as an advertisement.

— Promising a particular outcome from legal representation.

In the wake of the fires, there is also the risk of victims being approached by people posing as attorneys. Consumers should determine if they are legitimate and licensed to provide legal services. Before hiring an attorney, look up their name or State Bar number on the State Bar website — www.calbar.ca.gov — to check the status of their license to practice law and whether they have any record of discipline.

Source: State Bar of California