Fluoride studies

EDITOR: This is in response to the letter by Kathy Doig ("A chance to compare," Letters, Friday) in which she suggested that a study be done to see if the rate of dental decay is lower in Healdsburg, where there is fluoridation of the city water.

It is a reasonable suggestion, except for the fact that this has already been done in analogous communities and is the basis by which the benefits of fluoride were first realized. It is much simpler to read the existing literature than to fund a study to duplicate established knowledge.

Every responsible medical, dental and scientific authority endorses the safety and efficacy of fluoridation.


Santa Rosa

Emerald Triangle envy

EDITOR: After living in Sonoma County off and on since the early 1940s, I realized that the Board of Supervisors has Napa envy: Any proposal involving vineyards or wineries is almost reflexively approved. Even when it means family wells go dry, big-box wineries and tank farms take over country settings, and hills and woodlands are re-contoured and converted to vineyards.

I now live in Lake County, and I'm getting the same sinking feeling here as I had in Sonoma County, only this time it's Emerald Triangle envy: marijuana grows allowed in mobile home parks, elected officials bulldozed by a belligerent minority, out-of-state callers looking for grow houses to rent, doctors peddling grow cards, foreign travelers coming here to traffic in pot, the stench along county roads, peace and quiet replaced by snarling attack dogs, public urination by those too stoned to care or know what they're doing, etc.

Lake County is turning the Compassionate Use Act into a smokescreen and a highly lucrative joke; our elected officials should notice that few of us are laughing.



Too much violence

EDITOR: Whether one agrees or disagrees with, or is perhaps indifferent to, Joe Manthey's assertion that a U.N. statistical claim and definition of one-in-three worldwide cases of violence against women in the forms of rape or physical abuse is or isn't really correct ("Misleading statistic," Letters, Feb. 28), I think that it is even more important to look honestly at another aspect of violence. That other aspect is this: Whether it is just one boy or one girl, or just one woman or one man who has been violated, whether physically, psychologically and/or through sexual molestation, even one violent act is one too many.



Beyond SmartMeters

EDITOR: If Sebastopol is serious about preventing Wi-Fi SmartMeters, then I think the city needs to get serious and go door-to-door and remove wireless routers, wireless laptops, TVs (sorry Netflix, not in Sebastopol), iPads and Kindles, then take down the EMF-transmitting cell towers.

It sounds to me as if some residents of Sebastopol have an issue with PG&E. If you really want to make a difference, create your own energy company, as other communities have, then supply power at a reasonable rate, including paying numerous employees to walk around and read and correctly report energy usage for each and every customer.

I say you should all band together and pay the extra $10 (three cups of good coffee) a month to not have SmartMeters. Hey, you'll be helping the workforce by allowing PG&E to employ more of your citizens to manually read electric and gas meters. If there is any discrepancy, PG&E is a simple phone call away. Be sure to use your landline.



Minority rule

EDITOR: This is really something to behold. In the last election, the American people spoke, pretty loudly at that. We voted against austerity, which the Republicans in Congress have been trying to put in place for years. And though "we the people" spoke in November, the minority, i.e. the Republican Party, gets its way.

The GOP's lack of concern for what the American people want is verging on criminal. And Republicans take absolutely no responsibility for it. The slash-and-burn policies now in place are something the Republicans have been fighting for since the Reagan administration. To say the responsibility belongs to someone else is the height of hypocrisy.

When the minority dictates to the majority something is terribly amiss in our democracy, and the Republican leadership doesn't seem to care.


Santa Rosa