Both deputies who confronted Lopez on Moorland Avenue Tuesday were placed on paid administrative leave, Freitas said. Only one deputy fired shots at the boy, according to Santa Rosa police.

That leave could last weeks or months, depending on how long the internal investigation takes and what it reveals. The two deputies are also both seeing mental health professionals, and the duration of leave will depend on the outcome of that process, Freitas said.

Freitas issued a statement Wednesday that stated Tuesday's shooting was "a tragedy on many levels ... for the terrible loss of Andy Lopez, his family, the family's loved ones, friends, our community and the members of the Sheriff's Office."

During an interview in his office, Freitas reaffirmed that statement and said he couldn't discuss any details about what occurred Tuesday or answer questions about the investigation.

"I don't know exactly how, but at some point I want to try to work with the community to prevent this from happening again," Freitas said.