The San Francisco 49ers are playing Sunday's preseason game as scheduled, although some train service to Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara was cancelled due to the earthquake.

In a statement, the team said the new $1.3 billion stadium was inspected for earthquake damage and given the OK to host the 1 p.m. game against the San Diego Chargers.

"Our stadium operations department and building engineers have walked the entire stadium and found no issues to date. We will continue to do so throughout the day," the 49ers said.

"In terms of trains heading to the stadium, we have been advised that all train tracks have been shut down within a 100-mile radius of Napa until further notice, therefore affecting the ACE and Capital Corridor trains to our game.

"ACE would normally carry upwards of 500 passengers to our game. Capital corridor carries approximately 750 fans. We are in communications with these agencies to determine if alternate transportation will be provided."