During a routine gang patrol Saturday evening in Santa Rosa, two Clearlake men were arrested on suspicion of battery against a police officer, resisting arrest and participating in a street gang.

A Sonoma County sheriff’s sergeant and a probation officer participating in the Multi-Agency Gang Task Force, or MAGNET, were patrolling the area of Santa Rosa Avenue and Todd Road at about 7:30 p.m. when they encountered Ivan Rodriguez, 21, a “known gang member” who was on probation, sheriff’s officials said. Rodriguez was in a vehicle at the Rotten Robbie gas station with several other people suspected of being gang members, a violation of his parole.

Sheriff’s officials said that Rodriguez immediately began resisting arrest after he was asked to get out of the vehicle. Rodriguez began fighting with the officers and yelled at the other people in the vehicle to flee, officials said.

Officers called in more backup because Rodriguez could not be taken into custody. As officers fought with Rodriguez, another person inside the vehicle, Richard Contreras, 21, got out and joined the fight and began assaulting officers, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Both Rodriguez and Contreras were taken into custody after backup arrived. Sheriff’s deputies searched the Rotten Robbie parking lot and found a loaded 9mm, semiautomatic pistol in a garbage can.

Bail for Rodriguez and Contreras was set at $75,000.