A Windsor man arrested Monday night, suspected of drunken driving, has four such convictions in seven years and told CHP officers he’d been on his way to pick up his daughter when he was pulled over, according to the CHP.

Officers arrested Hector Pulido-Gonzalez, 27, after the 9:15 p.m. traffic stop, CHP Officer Jon Sloat said in a news release.

The man was stopped after he was seen driving onto southbound Highway 101 at River Road and was clocked at about 80 mph.

The driver pulled over for the officer, explaining he’d been headed to get his child. He appeared intoxicated and failed sobriety tests, Sloat said.

Pulido-Gonzalez was on probation from his last conviction at the time of this arrest and his license had been suspended 11 times, according to his court records. As well as the DUI, officers arrested him on suspicion of violating his probation, driving with a suspended license and a felony enhancement for having a fifth DUI case within 10 years.

He remained in the Sonoma County Jail Tuesday in lieu of $50,000 bail.