Seriously, mysteriously ill Analy High alum Olivia Weber and her mother expected to be on the road by now.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and Johns Hopkins University in Maryland have agreed to see Olivia, who’s 24, and try to determine why she is so desperately sick and how they might treat her.

Olivia and her mom, Helen, intended to set out on a cross-country drive June 1. The risk that a dramatic change in altitude could burst an aneurysm near Olivia’s heart prevents them from flying.

They haven’t left yet because Olivia has had to endure three surgeries, and her mom says their GoFundMe appeal ( hasn’t raised all the money needed for expenses that include nursing care as they go and having medical supplies shipped to them on the road.

Helen said they’re deeply grateful for all the support they’ve received from Sonoma County, including the SUV that G&C Auto Body gave them.

Mother and daughter hope now to launch their coast-to-coast medical odyssey by the end of July.


ROBIN HOODLUM? Linda and Paul Kruzic squinted in disbelief at their credit-card bill.

Someone hacked their account — to make a $500 donation to the Alzheimer’s Association.

“We are calling it the Robin Hood of credit card fraud,” Linda said.

Though she and Paul give the unknown crook some credit, they saw that the charge was reversed quicker than Sherwood Forest’s prince of thieves could load his bow.


AN APPLE PRESS just might complete your life.

A dandy of a wooden one is among the myriad desirables to be raffled at Saturday’s Denim & Daisies party at Luther Burbank Home & Gardens.

Now that the new picket fence is up, volunteers are raising money for the next big project: new roofs for the Burbank home and greenhouse.

For Denim & Daisies tickets, go to or just show up about 5 p.m. Saturday.


ON STAGE, Desireé Davar and Nicolas Dromard of the jaw-dropping Transcendence Theatre Company dance and flirt and sing and act as though they couldn’t be any more jubilantly in love.

Desi and Nic were on fire Tuesday and Wednesday nights in “Superheroes in Love,” the Broadway revue that Transcendence performed in the amphitheater that arts champion Walter Byck built at his family’s Paradise Ridge winery and that’s backdropped by a panorama of Santa Rosa Valley.

Both nights, the Broadway duo shared that at dress rehearsal Monday, Nic took a knee and proposed to Desi. The crowds went wild.

Catch the future husband and wife at a Transcendence performance at Jack London State Park, Paradise Ridge or Jacuzzi Family Winery and just see if you don’t fall in love, too.

Chris Smith is at 521-5211 and On Twitter @CJSPD.