Two Sebastopol police officers returning to town after a trip to the Sonoma County Jail with a suspected DUI driver early Sunday didn’t make it back before they were chasing another one — a Santa Rosa man in an SUV who blew through a red light right in front of them, according to police.

The speeding driver wouldn’t stop for the officers and the pre-dawn chase ended minutes later after he fish-tailed around some corners before he ditched his Chevrolet Tahoe in a Roseland-area neighborhood. The officers found him nearby, hiding in bushes in a yard.

The officers held him at gunpoint and ordered him to show his hands. Officials said the man aggressively moved toward them with his hands near his waist and one of the officers deployed a Taser weapon to subdue the suspect.

Driver Erick Kamau, 27, was handcuffed and arrested on suspicion of evading officers, drunken driving and resisting arrest.

The 3:35 a.m. chase started at Fulton Road and Highway 12. The officers, heading west, had the green light at the intersection when the southbound SUV ran the red light at about 60 mph, authorities said.

The officers pursued the driver east on Sebastopol Road and into a neighborhood. Sebastopol police said there were no pedestrians or other drivers out as the chase moved through the neighborhood. It ended on Golden Gate Avenue.