Clearlake man facing murder charge for shootings at Elem Indian Colony



A Clear Lake man is facing up to four life sentences in connection with a Dec. 1 shooting at the Elem Indian Colony that killed one member of his wife’s family and wounded three others, including a child.

Lake County District Attorney Don Anderson said he also is considering seeking the death penalty for Ezequiel “Junior” Bravo, 24.

“We’re looking at it,” he said following a Monday afternoon hearing in Lake County Superior Court during which Bravo was arraigned on dozens of charges and assigned a public defender.

The charges filed against Bravo include one count of murder, three counts of attempted murder and 32 special allegations, most involving the use of firearms to commit the crimes and causing great bodily injury.

Bravo is alleged to have forced his way into a home in search of his wife, Shian Brown, the mother of his two children, ages 3 and 1. In the process, he shot and killed Theresa Jones, 46, and wounded her sister, Shian’s mother, Stephanie Brown. Also wounded was Stephanie’s husband, Robert Brown. Shian Brown, who family members had hidden under a bed, was unharmed. Her children at the time were at the home Bravo shared with his family, they said.

The Brown family declined to be interviewed Monday, but could be heard emphatically whispering “yes” when Judge Andrew Blum explained during the hearing that each of the four most serious allegations carried sentences of 25-to-life in prison and ordered Bravo to be held on $7 million bail.

Members of Bravo’s family also attended the hearing, and said they were shocked by the violent incident.

“We didn’t expect that from him,” said Anna Mosqueda, 16, a relative.

Bravo’s younger brother, Cesar Bravo, 17, described the defendant as having been shy and timid.

But the couple, who lived with Bravo’s parents and siblings in Clearlake, did have frequent arguments, Mosqueda said.

She said she has no knowledge of domestic abuse, but said Brown’s co-workers had asked about bruises they had seen on her arms and legs.

Shian Brown “would say she tripped a lot,” Mosqueda said.

She said Brown frequently went to her mother’s home following arguments with Bravo, including the night of the shooting.

Bravo has a criminal record that included battery at a school, according to the District Attorney’s Office. His family said it was a schoolyard scuffle when he was an 18-year-old student.

Bravo also was arraigned Monday on new charges of misdemeanor marijuana cultivation unrelated to the shooting. Anderson said he did not have details about that case.

Bravo is scheduled to enter a plea to the charges on Dec. 12.

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