Pia Sallee will travel to Ireland in April to do something quite unusual for someone 10 years of age.

The Windsor girl will compete in an international Irish dance competition.

Pia has trained since she was 4 at the Santa Rosa-based Keenan Irish Dance School. She and fellow Keenan student Kaycee Mackenzie, who’s 14, qualified last fall to compete solo in the World Irish Dancing Championships in Dublin.

Fifteen other students of Fidelma Keenan’s school will travel to Ireland to dance in team competitions.

On Saturday at Santa Rosa’s Iron Core sports medicine practice, therapist and instructor Sonya McVay will donate the day’s receipts to Pia’s efforts to raise money for the trip to Dublin. Anyone who’s interested can contact McVay through her website, ironcorehealth.com, and make an appointment for Saturday. Payment will be by donation.

McVay, who has worked with Pia, said the people who come to her “are generally looking for pain relief and/or increased sports and/or movement performance.”

“I have treated several pro athletes from tennis and golf players to the Scuderia Corsa Ferrari team in Daytona,” McVay said. “But as a single mom, these kinds of things are the most important.”