The Sonoma County sheriff’s helicopter unit rescued a stranded kayaker Sunday who capsized near Point Bonita in southern Marin County.

The kayaker became separated from his boat and scrambled onto rocks near the rugged Marin Headlands shoreline near the Point Bonita Lighthouse. Another kayaker radioed for help. Rescue boats from Southern Marin Fire and Coast Guard couldn’t get close enough to the man because of the rocks, sheriff’s officials said in a statement. A firefighter swam to the man, who was not injured, and determined it was too risky to get back into the water to swim to one of the waiting boats, officials said.

Southern Marin Fire officials called Sonoma County about 1:45 p.m. to ask for the helicopter unit’s help. The helicopter flew to Marin County, landed at the top of the bluff and lowered a 100-foot long line with a crew member to the stranded man for the rescue.

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What do Californians buy?

Products sold at California dispensaries, April-June 2017

$375 million on cannabis flowers

$170 million on concentrates

$82 million on edibles

$34 million in pre-rolled joints

$20 million on other products like devices and apparel

Source: BDS Analytics

Best selling cannabis strains at California dispensaries, April-June 2017

1. Blue Dream

2. Golden Goat

3. Durban Poison

4. Gorilla Glue

5. Green Crack

6. Flo

7. Mob Boss

8. Lemon Skunk

9. Gorilla Glue #4

10. Sour Diesel

Source: BDS Analytics


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