A 23-year-old Santa Rosa man who police said was fed up with customer assistance at his bank was arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery Thursday after officers said he walked into a Chase Bank branch with an unloaded 12-gauge shotgun slung on his back.

Logan Reece Scott entered the Chase branch at 760 Stony Point Road shortly before 11:26 a.m. with the shotgun and demanded money from bank staff, police said.

Detectives later determined that Scott was having a dispute with the bank over funds he claimed were fraudulently taken from him, and that he was frustrated about not getting assistance.

The man later admitted he thought the shotgun would scare bank employees into giving him both the assistance and money he was requesting, according to a police statement.

Before police arrived, the suspect walked out to his vehicle parked in the parking lot near the bank, put the gun away and returned to the bank, police said.

He was arrested as he left the bank the second time, police said. Detectives also learned that Scott had “mobile deposited” several checks days prior and attempted to cash the physical checks for payment twice, police said.

He also was booked on suspicion of burglary for trying to cash the checks twice, police said.

Police said anyone with information about the crime should call the violent crimes investigation team at 707-543-3590.